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Geoff, the owner of, has over 25 years experience in supplying car paint to individuals and industry. We are usually able to provide a colour match when others cannot.  By using our simple and clear instructions you can quickly find the colour code for your car to ensure a match – this enables us to mix your paint without having to contact you again.


From senior member Maserati Forum 3200GTVERDIMISTRAL

Hello All,

I needed some paint for some small chips on my front bumper.  Tried Halfords first thinking that they would be able to mix some but actually said 'computer says no...', then I tried a number of paint shops who said that my colour was 'special' as it was made up of eight numbers and they could not match it.  I contacted Maserati UK who said they don't do pant but only provide me with the number.

I eventually found Geoff Morton at Carpaint UK through the Internet... what a breath of fresh air... although he was 200 miles away.

I asked if henknew of Maserati Mistral, 'yes', he said, 'I know the colour well.'  I gave him the code anyway 64217100.  'I'll make you a 400ml aerosol can and a 1 litre tin, plus you'll need a clear 500ml automotive laquer for £30.00.'  I received the laquer and paints by first class post within 3 days and then arranged for a senior paint shop technician at Mercedes that I know to do the repair.

The finish is awesome in any light and the chips unidentifiable.  Even he could not believe how well the paint had been mixed and matched.

Mr  Lyndon  Evans